Leading by Teaching: Elizabeth D. Hay and Lynne M. Reid


The Archives for Women in Medicine is celebrating the recent opening of two outstanding new collections: The Elizabeth D. Hay Papers, and The Lynne M. Reid Papers. Highlighting the importance of networks, mentors, and communities of support, this exhibit includes selections that reflect Hay and Reid’s roles as teachers, mentors, and champions for women in medicine. The Hay and Reid collections contain a rich range of materials, including correspondence, lectures, research records, teaching materials, writings, and photographs.  Such records document the experiences and contributions of these two influential pioneers.  In the ongoing effort toward gender equity in medicine and science, Hay and Reid were early women leaders who made it a point to teach, encourage, and inspire generations of scientists who followed.

By making these collections available for discovery, access, and interpretation, the Archives for Women in Medicine is connecting scholars with unique evidence of the achievements and struggles overcome by this cohort of women -- evidence that is essential to our understanding of the evolution of medicine. We are preserving and sharing this evidence to ensure that their efforts will continue to inspire future generations.

The documents and images in this exhibit are from various collections of the Archives for Women in Medicine.


This is the online version of an exhibit at the Countway Library of Medicine from May to September, 2012. The exhibit was curated by Jessica Sedgwick.