George H. Monks

Dr. George Monks

Dr. George H. Monks

Dr. George H. Monks, a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, lectured on surgery at the medical school and taught pathology and surgery at the Harvard Dental School. He published on carcinoma of the appendix, fractures of the humerus, acute pancreatitis, aseptic surgical technique, and finger avulsion. His awareness of the need for surgical rehabilitation led him to care for a wide variety of facial disfigurements. In addition to being a physician, Dr. Monks was an accomplished sculptor. He created three-dimensional models of anatomical structures and museum-caliber classical figures and objects. The George H. Monks Lectureship, established in 1972, honors Dr. Monks' contributions to reconstructive surgery.

George H. Monks (1853-1933)

George H. Monks (1853-1933), circa 1930

Photograph of Dr. George H. Monks near the end of his life.

Illustration Used in Instruction

Notes on the head and neck, circa 1910s

Example of Dr. George H. Monks' illustrations used to instruct medical and dental students.

The Restoration of a Lower Eyelid by a new Method

Restoration of the lower eyelid by a new method, 1898

Illustration of the restoration of a lower eyelid from Dr. George H. Monks' seminal article on the use of an axial flap. Published in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal in 1898.

George H. Monks