Corporal Snowdon

Case Report of Corporal Snowdon

Case report for Corporal Snowdon, 1916

On July 6, 1916, Corporal F. N. Snowdon was admitted to the Dental Ward with severe wounds to the face and jaw. By using a prosthetic appliance, Dr. Kazanjian was able to reconstruct Corporal Snowdon's face. Moulages and photographs show the phases of reconstruction.

Moulages of Corporal Snowdon

Moulages of Corporal Snowdon, 1916

The first moulage was created upon his admittance to the clinic. The second illustrates the progress of his treatment.

Corporal Snowdon

Corporal Snowdon, 1918

These photographs show the outcome of the reconstruction.

Letter from Corporal Snowdon to Dr. Kazanjian

Correspondence, 1918

In 1918, Corporal Snowdon wrote a letter to Dr. Kazanjian concerning his facial reconstruction.

Varaztad H. Kazanjian
Corporal Snowdon