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Enamel pin presented by the Harvard Corporation to Marguerite Condon, commemorating her nursing service at No. 22 General Hospital with the Harvard Surgical Unit.

Silhouettes and autographs of members of the Harvard Medical School Class of 1909 with color illustration of the Circle of Willis
This silver snuffbox was a gift from Edward Jenner to Benjamin Waterhouse and contained quills impregnated with cowpox vaccine matter for use in America. In a letter dated November 16, 1802, Waterhouse said,"Dr. Jenner has been to me what the sun is…
The flyleaves and end papers of Bibles were often used to record the births, deaths, and marriages of family members. But this Bible, belonging to the Waterhouse family, was used to record Benjamin Waterhouse's cowpox inoculations of his children,…

Made at the request of librarian James Read Chadwick, the bronzed fist of Oliver Wendell Holmes was displayed in the original Holmes Hall of the Boston Medical Library's building following the memorial meeting on October 30, 1894. The sculptor,…
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