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This renowned publication catalogues different types of dislocations and lists their appropriately corresponding treatment. It was referenced throughout the trial of Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes.

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Published in retaliation of the outcome of the final trial, Lowell makes a plea to the public to sympathize with him and his case.

Twelve pieces of bone matrix - or "creviced" insoluble bone gelatin - enclosed in clear plastic bag. Donated with two-page letter detailing, amongst other things, context for sample. Attached to letter five-page technical instructions by Dr. Nogamiā€¦

Bulletin of the AAM_Spaulding 1910.pdf
An overall presentation of the facts and analyses confronted in the Lowell hip case.

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Charles Lowell's personally written account of the entire trial Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes.

An examination of the Lowell hip case by Dr. Jonathan Mason Warren, over 40 years after the trial took place. He looks at the disected hip bone - Charles Lowell died in 1858 - in an attempt to discover what really happened.

John C. Warren's published account of the trial, Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes.

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