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For every letter of dissenting views Guttmacher received, he read an equal amount of letters commending his work. This letter, written by a single mother, encourages Planned Parenthood to reach out to poorer communities where birth control was not…

The Oliver Criminological Collection includes a substantial array of pamphlets, trial accounts, and popular ephemera from the sensational Tichborne Claimant case of the 1870s. Orton, a butcher in Wagga Wagga, Australia, claimed to be Sir Roger…

Photograph of Louis Agassiz.

A photograph of Louis Agassiz before a blackboard.
Email from Herbert L. Abrams to Sven Paulin, responding to a letter written for Abrams's 90th birthday. The email discusses Abrams's birthday and the professional mentor-mentee relationship between Abrams and Paulin.

Anatomists throughout history have worked to discover new angles of approach to the human body in order to reach the fullest understanding of its complexities. In this symposium, our four speakers endeavor to do the same, coming from different…
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