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A sign used to designate a waiting room for people of color at a Greyhound Bus Terminal in Rome, Georgia. Taken by Esther Bubley, September 1943.

Original research into medico-legal problems was one of the Department's fundamental activities from the outset, and over one hundred articles were published by members of the staff from 1940 to 1954. The article by O. J. Pollak uses a composite of…

Harvard neuropsychiatrist, E. E. Southard, drew on the medical literature from the first three years of the war--English, French, Italian, Russian, German, and Austrian--to compile this study of nearly 600 cases related to shell-shock and other…

S. D. Gross, professor of surgery at the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, was one of the country's foremost operative surgeons. He designed this brief textbook on field surgery for emergencies: portable, easy of reference, always at hand.…

'A standing skeleton joins seated cadavers, preparing to dissect a sleeping medical student. Iconographic elements that by 1906 had become commonplace in dissecting room group portraiture are gathered together in this science: the book propped open…

This renowned publication catalogues different types of dislocations and lists their appropriately corresponding treatment. It was referenced throughout the trial of Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes.
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