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'A standing skeleton joins seated cadavers, preparing to dissect a sleeping medical student. Iconographic elements that by 1906 had become commonplace in dissecting room group portraiture are gathered together in this science: the book propped open…

This renowned publication catalogues different types of dislocations and lists their appropriately corresponding treatment. It was referenced throughout the trial of Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes.

Photograph of admission of convoy of wounded soldiers to General Hospital No. 22 from album of Helen F. Kimmens.

Advice on the medical care of slaves in the southern states.

Describes Crawford W. Long's experiences with surgical operations using sulphuric ether in 1842.

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Published in retaliation of the outcome of the final trial, Lowell makes a plea to the public to sympathize with him and his case.

The Armory Square Hospital (now the site of the National Air and Space Museum) was active from August, 1862, through September, 1865, and many of the worst casualties of the Civil War battlefields were treated there. The patients and a former nurse…

John Wales January enlisted in Company B of the 14th Illinois Cavalry and was captured in July, 1864. The reverse of the original print of this photograph gives January's account of his sufferings as a prisoner of war and the amputation of his own…
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