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Engraving "Wm. T. G. Morton, M.D. surgeon dentist, Boston, administering ether preparatory to performing the operation by which he first discovered and demonstrated the marvellous anaesthetic powers of ether in surgery."

Photograph of Morton-type ether inhaler with sponge and presentation inscription from T. G. Morton to J. Mason Warren.

Photograph of W. T. G. Morton.

Conclusions of a committee inquiring into the claims of W. T. G. Morton and Charles T. Jackson over the credit for the discovery of ether anesthesia.

In 1933, the Mallinckrodt Chemical Company produced a short silent file, “The Advent of Anesthesia”, depicting the experiments of W. T. G. Morton with ether anesthesia and recreating the first public demonstration of the operation on Gilbert…

Photograph of W. T. G. Morton.

Subscription list to raise funds for support of W. T. G. Morton and his family.

Copy of a letter addressed to Morton, describing Peirson's successful surgical amputations employing ether anesthesia.