Nux Vomica Pulvis

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Nux Vomica Pulvis


Latin Name: Nux Vomica Pulvis

Common Name: Powder of dog-button seed

Narcotic, tonic, diuretic, diaphoretic, cathartic

Isolated Drug/s: 
Strychnine and brucine

Medicinal Usage: 
Highly potent. In small doses, Nux Vomica is used to treat fevers such as dysentery due to its diaphoretic and tonic properties. Larger doses cause severe side effects, including rigidity, spasms, convulsion and death from respiratory failure.

It is primarily used as a stimulant in torpid or paralytic nervous or muscular conditions, and is most efficacious when such conditions are not associated with specific lesions. For example, general paralysis, paraplegia, and amaurosis. Nux Vomica is also a specific for the bite of a water snake.

The dosage form given is usually powder, sometimes made into pill form, but it can also be given as an extract in alcohol, or as a tincture. 

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Specimen: Strychnos Nux Vomica. Image courtesy of the Harvard Economic Botany Museum.




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