Forbes, Anne Pappenheimer personal and professional papers, 1930-1991

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Forbes, Anne Pappenheimer personal and professional papers, 1930-1991


Anne Pappenheimer Forbes (1911-1992) was Clinical Professor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and an endocrinologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Mass. from 1938 to 1978. Her research focused on gonadal dysgenesis, adrenal disorders, karyotypes, sex chromosome abnormalities, pseudohypoparathyroidism, dermatoglyphics, pituitary tumors, bone diseases, kidney stones, the connection between menopause and osteoporosis, and genetic deficiencies including Cushing's, Klinefelter's, and Turner's syndromes. While at Massachusetts General Hospital, Forbes worked in Fuller Albright's endocrinology laboratory, and contributed to the discovery of several diseases, including Forbes-Albright syndrome, a dysfunction of the pituitary gland which bears her name. Forbes taught endocrinology at the Pahlavi Medical School in Shiraz, Iran for two years and examined the skeletal maturation of Iranian children. Forbes was one of the first women named to the American Society for Clinical Investigation in 1950.
Primarily consists of colleague correspondence, notes, reports, publications, data, statistics, research study notes, grant proposals, patient records and fingerprints, and photographs resulting from Forbes's endocrine research conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital. Includes graphs, notes, and correspondence with Forbes's international collaborators Eric Engel, Edward Reifenstein, and Michel Vollotton. Also contains writings, lecture notes, article manuscripts, and graphs produced from her research. Includes Forbes's teaching notes and lecture outlines from her teaching activities at Harvard Medical School and Pahlavi University Medical School, correspondence and notes outlining Albright's experiment procedures, and personal correspondence and photographs. Contains case histories from endocrine patients with psychiatric consultations at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital with Henry M. Fox.

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