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Storer Memorial Collection of Medical Medals


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Wedgwood medallion of Oliver Wendell Holmes
Medallion of Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894) for Richard Briggs Co., Boston around 1895.

Edward Jenner medal
A number of medals were struck to commemorate Edward Jenner's research and the centennial of the first vaccinations. While most depict the physician himself, the bronze example here shows an angel draping a garland around the neck of a cow surrounded…

American Medical Association commemorative badge
Commemorative badges and lapel pins were commonly distributed to attendees of the AMA meetings from the 1880s. These items were worn by members at the 1906 meeting in Boston. The badge depicts the goddess Hygeia offering a drinking vessel with a…

Charles William Eliot Medal
This bronze medal by French artisan Leon Deschamps, honoring Harvard's president, was struck in 1907 as part of the John Harvard tercentenary celebration and depicts President Eliot at the time of the Quad's dedication. The reverse depicts the…

Commemorative medal of Friedrich Tiedemann
Tiedemann’s early research on the anatomy of the sea cucumber, sea urchin, and starfish earned him the 1812 prize of the Académie des Sciences in Paris. A commemorative bronze medal struck at the fiftieth anniversary of his doctorate, in…
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