Gay, George W. (George Washington), 1842-1931 Papers, ca.1906-1920 (inclusive). GA 31

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Gay, George W. (George Washington), 1842-1931 Papers, ca.1906-1920 (inclusive). GA 31


Papers pertain mostly to Gay's work on committees of the Massachusetts Medical Society, his reports concerning Wrentham State School residents, and reports relative to Boston City Hospital affairs. Society records contain correspondence, drafts, and legal documents relating to legislation and medical malpractice, health insurance, eugenics, vaccination, narcotics, and medical expert witnesses. Other material includes letters and reports, 1909-1916, written to Gay as trustee of Boston City Hospital; copies of speeches and articles; and correspondence, 1906-1919, with colleagues about medical treatment, vital statistics, Mental Hygiene Society activities, as well as personal concerns.

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What can be done to better the race?
This letter by Gay summarizes the state of eugenics and alludes to the states which have enacted sterilization laws but concedes that an educational program is the most practical means to promote eugenic policy. The article was reprinted as…

An act concerning operations for the prevention of procreation
A bill for the sterilization of inmates of prisons and insane hospitals “by whom procreation would be inadvisable” was introduced into the Connecticut legislature by Representative Wilbur F. Tomlinson in February, 1909. The bill passed…

Draft of letter to Ernest V. Scribner from George Washington Gay
Former lecturer in surgery at Harvard and senior surgeon at Boston City Hospital, George W. Gay was approached by the Massachusetts Commission for expert advice on vasectomy and enforced sterilization: “The most feasible method of controlling…
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