Finland, Maxwell papers, 1916-2003. H MS c153

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Finland, Maxwell papers, 1916-2003. H MS c153


Maxwell Finland (1902-1987), SB cum laude, 1922, Harvard College; MD, 1926, Harvard Medical School, was George Richards Minot Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a specialist in infectious diseases. Finland's work focused on the safety and effectiveness of antibiotics, particularly the dangers of unscientific marketing my drug campanies and indiscriminate use of antibiotics in the treatment and prevention of disease. Finland was also on the staff of Boston City Hospital from 1927 until his retirement in 1973. During his tenure, he served both as Director of the Second and Fourth (Harvard) Medical Services and Director of the Thorndike Memorial Laboratory, and continued his research in the Channing Laboratory after his retirement. In 1973, Finland was appointed Distinguished Physician to the Veterans Administration.
Contains correspondence, memoranda, articles, certificates, clippings, notes, plaques, reports, film reels, videotapes, and photographs resulting from Finland's research, academic, and clinical activities and his investigative work on antibiotic effectiveness, drug combinations, and diagnosis of pneumonias at Boston City Hospital and the Thorndike Memorial Laboratory. Charts, correspondence, graphs, laboratory notebooks, and notes document Finland's studies, as well as experiments conducted by fellows and trainees under his direction, and record test protocols and results achieved in his laboratory. Itineraries, photographs, publications, memoranda, minutes, and reports document involvement in professional organizations, such as the American Society for Clinical Investigation, Infectious Diseases Society of America, the Lederle Medical Faculty Awards, and the Veterans Administration. Also includes correspondence, lists, and notes from Finland's fundraising effots on behalf of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School.

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Antibacterial spectrum of gentamicin
Antibacterial spectrum of gentamicin. The in vitro activity of the drug was drawn as a curve of the cumulative percentage of strains at increasing minimum inhibitory concentrations that became known as "Finlandograms" because of their unique and…

Pneumococcus Type IV meningitis
Pneumococcus Type IV meningitis with bactericidal complicating otits media. Treatment with sulfanilamide by mouth, intravenous specific antipneumococcic rabbit serum, and similar serum mixed with fresh non-immune sera intraspinally. Untoward…

Antibacterial action of serum of normal young men
Antibacterial action of serum of normal young men after single doses of ampicillin given intramuscularity with or without probenecid and after oral doses given fasting or after a meal. This type of figure representing serum concentrations and urinary…

Maxwell Finland at a Thorndike Memorial Laboratory Christmas party
There were social occasions that Dr. Finland reveled in sharing with his fellows and colleagues. He took delight in preparing Brandy Alexander (a potent brew of heavy cream, rum, nutmeg, and other spices) for the Thorndike Christmas party.
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