The Apothecary's Apprentice: Quiz


An apothecary's apparatus. Wood engraving, artist unknown, 1861. Image courtesy of the Wellcome Collection (CC).

In the nineteenth century, to work as a pharmacist or chemist-druggist one had to train in the art of materia medica. Whether by apprenticeship in England, or by obtaining a university degree in France, the individual wishing to open their own pharmacy had to learn about many different kinds of drugs and their therapeutic action in the body.

Imagine you are a young apprentice in pharmacy, and the collection of jars you have just seen are items in your master’s shop. Can you remember the drugs they contained, prepared for use in remedies? Do you think you are ready to take the test, and become a fully-fledged apothecary? Click on the link below to try the quiz and test your knowledge of nineteenth-century medicines.

Take the Apothecary's Apprentice Quiz 

You may want to use the gallery of jars, or the glossary (PDF), to help you answer the questions. Finish the quiz, and your details will be submitted into a prize draw!

The Apothecary's Apprentice: Quiz