Clarence J. Gamble

Gamble was a key advocate for family planning and worked with the Birth Control Federation and Planned Parenthood Federation to create global awareness regarding the benefits of contraceptives for the individual, family and community.

Statement by the Medical Committee of Planned Parenthood noting the effects and side effects of oral contraceptive steroids, and suggesting more extensive trial use, 1961

We can end the battle over birth control!

John Rock, Good Housekeeping, 1961

The development of the pill as a non-medical drug had been a controversial and groundbreaking issue. The pill faced a critical backlash from religious, social, political and even medical groups. Rock used the media to deliver his message that the pill would indeed help humankind.

Rock wages birth control battle

Ohio University Post, 1965

Catholic doctor urges Planned Parenthood

Patriot Ledger, 1965

A fanmail letter addressed to Dr. John C. Rock, 1961

One letter from many addressed to Dr. Rock by women interested in birth control and other fertility matters. In this letter, the author applauds his work as described in the Good Housekeeping article.

Medical Opinion and Review, 1970

Rock’s career demonstrates that he was interested in enabling women to control conception, whether that meant they did not want children or that they did. Others in the fields of fertility or contraceptive research took sides —but to Rock, they were two doors opening into the same room.