Hawes, Lloyd E. collection of autographed letters, 1791-1967 (inclusive). H MS c1


Consists of autographed letters, mostly from eminent 19th century scientists, which were collected by Lloyd E. Hawes. The largest number of letters from a single writer is the 41 letters by Florence Nightingale. Dated 1856-1897, they mainly concern the health of Nightingale's brother-in-law though an 1856 letter from the Crimea, with information about conditions during the war there, is also included. Among other individuals represented in the collection are: Antoine César Becquerel, Edmond Becquerel, Sir William Crookes, Marie and Pierre Curie, Michael Faraday, William Thomson Kelvin, Louis Pasteur, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, John Tyndall, Charles Wheatstone, and Helen Brooke Taussig.

Items in the Hawes, Lloyd E. collection of autographed letters, 1791-1967 (inclusive). H MS c1 Collection

Acknowledgement of a previous letter, and request for a copy of her revised article from the printer.

Attempt to schedule an appointment with a man of "multifarious occupations" outside of London.

Compliments to a printer or publisher of Nightingale's writing, and an order for one hundred copies of the finished work.

Private letter concerning the reprinting Nightingale's "Stastitical" and "Social Science" papers for a book.

Letter to Mrs. Samsom regarding Mrs. Samsom and Mrs. Davis leaving Scutari for health reasons. Nightingale has bought passage for them on a boat to England, the "Cleopatra", and arranges for her payment.

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