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Graham Holt (Director of the Office of Creative Solutions, Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience, Boston Children's Hospital) developed the initial Phineas Gage 3D print from CT scans taken by Peter Raitu and Ian Talos (Surgical Planning Laboratory,…

These are images taken of the plaster cast of an Ancient Egyptian skull that belonged to Samuel G. Morton's crania collection. This is one of twelve skulls that Morton considered to be "typical skulls." It was used to decipher a standardized…

These are images of Johann Gaspar Spurzheim's skull. This human specimen is one of the artifacts held in the Warren Anatomical Museum. Spurzheim's skull had originally belonged to the Boston Phrenological Society (BPS) collection, an organization…

The finalized 3D prints of the Beyond the Bone Box cases: Phineas Gage (1832-1860), Johann Gaspar Spurzheim 1776-1832), and an Ancient Egyptian. These prints were completed as part of the Harvard Library S. T. Lee Innovation Grant May 2019-2020. They…

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Skull two (sml) pic 1_cropped_resize1.jpg
This is a screenshot from the Still (STL) 3D image software rendering of an Ancient Egyptian skull collected by Samuel G. Morton. This is one of twelve skulls Morton deemed "typical skulls." These twelve skulls were made into plaster casts and…

Skull one (lrg) merge, Pic 2_cropped.jpg
This is a screenshot from the Still (STL) 3D image software rendering of Johann Gaspar Spurzheim. It captures the finalized 3D animation of Spurzheim's skull based on a plaster cast. On the back of Spurzheim's skull contains a base that was created…

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An image of a microscope slide. This image is included with Wolbach's photographs from his research at Camp Devens, but no case number is recorded

0000806_dpres_CS 211.B_Devens 223.jpg
An image of the upper lobe of a right lung showing chronic bronchitis, peribronchitis, alveolar emphysema, and thickening of the interlobular septa
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