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Tamping Iron 2_Low Resolution.jpg
Long cast iron bar tapered at one end and blunted at the other end. The bar is etched with an inscription that has been painted white. It rests in a brass and wood mount.

Skull of Phineas Gage.jpg
Prepared human skull on an adult man with sectioned skull top and disarticulated mandible. Skull has healed fracture line through left orbit ending in large opening with partially healed skull flap.

The museum entries for Phineas Gage's skull and iron bar can be found in the 1870 publication of The Descriptive Catalogue of the Warren Anatomical Museum. … The Warren Anatomical Museum published their catalogue in 1870. Gage's skull is listed as…

This text is the official published catalogue of the Warren Anatomical Museum. The skull cast is listed in the "Third Division" of the 1870 catalogue, which is entitled "Miscellany." The catalogue's first division is entitled "Healthy" anatomy and…

The entry list the donation of twelve casts considered "typical skulls" from John Collins Warren to the Warren Anatomical Museum. These casts came from the skulls of Samuel George Morton's crania collection which were used to determine a standard…

A undated portrait of Samuel George Morton with a signature of his name below.

John Collins Warren writes to J. B. S. Jackson about his donation of twelve cast skulls made from the Morton crania collection at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. Warren describes these casts as "typical skulls." Warren states that…

The Phrenological Journal and Miscellany (Edinburgh Phrenological Society) reprinted a letter from Nahum Capen and Robert M'Kibbed, M.D. Capen's letter mentions that Spurzheim's body was embalmed for his relatives if they wished for his body to be…
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