Mendicant Literature


This is an artificial collection, created by pulling together scans of mendicant literature and ephemera from various Center for the History of Medicine collections.

Items in the Mendicant Literature Collection

First line: Shrouded in darkness.

At head of title: To the public. Geoge W. Crawford, having become crippled, and not willing to become a burden to the public, after suffering acutely for over ten years, takes this means of gaining a livelihood, and most respectfully craves your…

"Written in the Surgical Institute, Indianapolis, Ind."

Begins: Now bards have sung and poets wrote. "Lost his leg at the battle of Fredricksburg, December 13, 1862, and his arm while firing a salute, February 22, 1869, at Harrisburg."

First line: What is my name, from whence I came. "Stranger, I know not who you be, nor whether charitably inclined, but in the name of humanity I appeal to your charity. Buy this ballad of me, and remember,

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