The Gift of Experience, 2004-2007 (inclusive). H MS c228


Includes recordings and transcripts of interviews with 21 hemophiliac men, aged 40 and older, who were patients at the Boston Hemophilia Center. Participants in the project discussed their experiences with living with and being treated for hemophilia. Also includes interviews with five nurses and physicians specializing in hematology and hemophilia treatment, several of whom worked at the Boston Hemophilia Center.

Items in the The Gift of Experience, 2004-2007 (inclusive). H MS c228 Collection

Roy Arruda was born in 1960 in the Azores

His older brother, who also had hemophilia, died of complications from AIDS in 1995. Roy, who is not married, works as a nursing assistant with people who have AIDS. He is an avid hiker on the Appalachian…

Avida was born in Massachusetts in 1964. At the age of nine he moved to Michigan

He has an advanced degree in psychology and is currently working to grow a nonprofit community arts and wellness center in Massachusetts

He has severe hemophilia,…

Wendell Bourne was born in 1948 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

He is married and has four children and one grandson with

Mr. Bourne is the director of multicultural education for Kindergarten through 12th grade in the Cambridge school…

Cliff Deschenes was born in 1954 in Lawrence, Massachusetts

He works in electronics at Wang Laboratories and is married with two children. One nephew has hemophilia

He has learned to take one day at a time so as not to get too frustrated. Cliff…

Michael Donovan was born in Boston, Massachusetts
in 1962. After his father left the family, Mr. Donovan’s mother moved to Houlton, Maine and, later, to Whitman, Massachusetts, where Mr. Donovan went to school

He has a degree in electronics…

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