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On his 80th birthday, Holmes received this silver cup, inscribed with a quotation from “A sentiment,” one of his early poems. The gift was from Annie Fields, Sarah Orne Jewett, and nine other women.

This chest containing sixty typical preparations was made and sold by the firm of Araujo Penna & Filhos, of Rio de Janeiro, the principal vendor of homeopathic substances in South America at the time.

In 1780, during the Revolutionary War, surgeon John Warren (1753-1815) began to deliver anatomical lectures to physicians at the military hospital in Boston. Warren went on to deliver public lectures during the winter of 1781-1782, at the invitation…

As part of a commemoration of World AIDS Day in 1997, physician and artist Eric Avery displayed some of his work in the Strauss Gallery of Harvard's Fogg Museum in an exhibit, Art as Medicine/Medicine as Art. 3' by 6' prints of the Lifecycle of HIV…

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