Roderick Heffron Collection, 1930-1950. WAM 21752-21755

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Roderick Heffron Collection, 1930-1950. WAM 21752-21755


Heffron, Roderick, 1901-


Roderick Heffron (1901-1983), M.D., 1928, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts was a medical researcher and physician specializing in pneumonia. Heffron was in born in Chicago, Illinois in 1901 and received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1928. Between 1931 and 1935, Heffron was field director of the Massachusetts Pneumonia Study and Service and, in 1936, he and Frederick T. Lord (1875-1941) co-authored Lobar Pneumonia and Serum Therapy based on the research of the Service. Heffron took a position at the Commonwealth Fund in 1937 and served on the Pneumonia Committee of the United States Public Health Service in 1939. He retired from the Commonwealth Fund in 1966. Heffron married Catherine Haman and died in Falmouth, Massachusetts, in 1983 at the age of 82.

This collection of syringes and microscope lenses was used by Dr. Roderick Heffron, and included with the donation of his manuscript collection to the Center for the History of Medicine.


These objects were owned by Dr. Roderick Heffron, director of the Massachusetts Pneumonia Program. They were separated from Dr. Roderick Heffron's papers [HMS c514] by the Harvard Medical Library and transferred to the Warren Anatomical Museum in March 2016.

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