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Artifacts and objects from the collections of the Warren Anatomical Museum.

In accordance with the wishes of Dr. John Collins Warren, by whom the founding collection was given to the Harvard Medical School, the Warren Anatomical Museum undertakes to maintain these collections, to add to them when feasible, and to make them available and useful for the study of medicine, anthropology, and the history of science. The Museum seeks to continue in the tradition of promoting the collection for the purposes of medical education in all forms whenever possible, as well as expand its scope to provide public programming and educational resources to the larger community.

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Vial of sheep lung surfactant ("Surfactant TA")
Vials of Surfactant TA (Tokyo Akita), a modified sheep lung surfactant, brought back from Tetsuro Fujiwara's lab at Akita University School of Medicine, Japan, by Mary Ellen Avery. Building off of Avery's 1959 discovery that the cause of Respiratory…
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