Gamble, Clarence J. papers, 1920-1970s (inclusive), 1920-1966 (bulk). H MS c23

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Gamble, Clarence J. papers, 1920-1970s (inclusive), 1920-1966 (bulk). H MS c23


The Clarence J. Gamble Archive in the Countway Library of Harvard Medical School is a major collection of correspondence and related materials devoted to the subject of population control. Dr. Gamble has been ranked along with Margaret Sanger and Dr. Robert L. Dickinson as one of the three major figures in American birth control during its most crucial years of change. Gamble was an indefatiguable letter-writer and his correspondence is a rich source of day-to-day information about what was going on with the development and testing of contraceptive methods, changing attitudes of the medical and health professions, legislative reform and education of the public, governmental involvement on local and national levels, and demographic studies in the Third World after the post-World War II population explosion.
Dr. Gamble's papers were presented to the Countway Library in 1970 by his wife Sarah, and the Gamble children. The vast collection (estimated at well over 100,000 pieces) has been processed over a period of years and is now contained in a total of 266 manuscript boxes, plus addenda. Highlights of Dr. Gamble's career are given in the accompanying chronology, which is followed by a list of his publications and outline of the archive's arrangement. A detailed folder-by-folder description of the papers makes up the main body of this Inventory, and there is a selected index of correspondents at the end.

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Effects of certain 19-Nor steroids on the normal human menstrual cycle
This is one of the first articles to publish results from the early study at the Free Hospital for Women involving 50 female participants being treated for infertility with a hormonal regimen. Rock found that using a combination of estrogen and…

Forgotten Children
This fundraising brochure from the National Mental Health Foundation makes a plea for compassion, better care, and education of the feeble-minded and sharply criticizes the family studies of the eugenics movement: “More than a generation ago…

Field Trials with Norethynodrel as an Oral Contraceptive
“In a previous paper (1) we have reported on the results of 16 months of study of the effects of the oral administration of a norethynodrel-estrogen tablet employed as a contraceptive agent by 265 Puerto Rican housewives in San Juan. We have…

We can end the battle over birth control!
The development of the pill as a non-medical drug had been a controversial and groundbreaking issue. The pill faced a critical backlash from religious, social, political and even medical groups. Rock used the media to deliver his message that the…

Clarence J. Gamble
Gamble was a key advocate for family planning and worked with the Birth Control Federation and Planned Parenthood Federation to create global awareness regarding the benefits of contraceptives for the individual, family and community.
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