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Recipes of Bodies for Artificial Teeth
Dr. William Parker Cooke (HDS 1881) compiled these various recipes for the composition of artificial teeth from notable dental practitioners, including Thomas H. Chandler, Daniel Harwood, and Samuel F. Harris.

Letter from C. O. Cone to B. Palmer
The Dental Museum acquired and displayed manuscript and archival items, books, and photographs related to the history of the school and the profession of Dentistry. The letter from Dr. C. O. Cone, demonstrator of mechanical Dentistry at the…

This instrument was part of an ornamental set of scalers, mirrors, and a turnkey belonging to Thomas B. Hitchcock, former Dean of the Dental School.

Casts of the Superior and Inferior Maxillae of George Parkman
These are the most historically significant specimens in the Dental Museum's collection

Charriere Pocket Surgical Instrument Case
This complete portable surgical kit was used during the Civil War.

Collection of Sturgeons' Teeth
In addition to its human specimens, the Dental Museum had a rich collection of skulls, jaws, and teeth from animals and fish to illustrate principles of comparative odontology.

Instruments of Daniel Harwood
These ivory-handled instruments (an excavator, scaler, chisel, and three mirrors) were used by Boston dentist Daniel Harwood (1801-1881). Soon after the formation of the Harvard Dental School in 1867, Harwood was appointed to the professorship of…

Flexible Chain Saw
Dr. Thomas Fillebrown (1836-1908) was a graduate of the first class of the Dental School in 1869 and later held the professorship of operative Dentistry and oral surgery. He donated many specimens and instruments to the Dental Museum.

Turnkey  and Elevator
The turnkey (for extracting teeth) and the elevator (for extracting roots) were essential early dental instruments. These were used by Dr. George Brewster of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In "The Claims of Dentistry," an address at the 1872…

Superior denture/model with gold restorations
F. H. Veo was a dental graduate of the Class of 1897. This specimen is almost certainly the student piece he created as part of the requirements for graduation and then deposited in the Dental Museum.

Turnkey from New Hampshire
This key instrument was carried to a town in New Hampshire when it was settled 100 years ago as part of the necessary articles to have for use in a new country . The donor received it from the descendents of the owner.
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