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A leaf from the Canon Medicinae of Avicenna
This manuscript copy of Avicenna's Canon, written by Mordechai bar Elia in a rabbinical hand, was formerly in the library of Prince Dietrichstein of Nikolsburg.

A Quarter of a Century with The Free Hospital For Women
A small volume of annotated photographs of the interiors and exteriors of the Free Hospital for Women located in Brookline Massachusetts, taken in the late 19th century

“Plunged in Front of an ‘L’ Train,”  May 18, 1896.
As this newspaper article reports, nineteen year old Benjamin Stone of New York, afflicted with headaches, threw himself in front of a train and committed suicide. The article is part of a five-volume collection of newspaper accounts of several…

Experimental pistol-shooting at short range, 1881.
D.B.N. Fish, a physician and medical examiner at Amherst, compiled studies of gunshot residue; the item displayed shows a shot from a Smith and Wesson revolver at a distance of four inches. Fish was attempting to determine whether any differences…

Medical jurisprudence; or, A code of ethics and institutes, adapted to the professions of physic and surgery.
Thomas Percival’s Medical ethics, published in 1803, is considered the first fundamental treatise on the conduct of physicians in hospital and private practice. Medical ethics was an expanded version of this earlier pamphlet, Medical jurisprudence. …

Medical jurisprudence.<br /><br />
5th American from the 7th and improved London edition, <br /><br />
with additions by Edward Hartshorne. Page 674.
Taylor’s Medical jurisprudence was a standard manual for the study of legal medicine. It was first printed in London in 1844, and an American edition followed in the next year. At least twelve editions were produced by the end of the 19th century,…
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