Diploma from the Gymnasium, Vienna

Diploma from the Akademisches Gymnasium in Vienna, Austria, 1918

Dr. Bibring excelled in her studies at the Gymnasium. She was proficient in Greek and Latin and enjoyed intellectual intense environment.

Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate for Edward and Grete Bibring, 1922

Grete and Edward were married in December 1921 in the midst of their medical school program.

Medical Degree, University of Vienna

Medical Degree, University of Vienn, 1924

Dr. Bibring entered medical school in 1918 at the University of Vienna. Her interest in psychoanalysis deepened during these years and by graduation in 1924, she was already a member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society.

Immigration Identification Papers

Immigration identification papers, 1938

The Bibring family and Grete’s mother immigrated to London after the Anschluss in Austria earlier that year. Once there, Grete arranged for her brothers and sister to join them.

Life and Family