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Anna was a lifelong confidant of Grete’s. She traveled across the Atlantic often to visit with Grete and other friends. Anna proves to be a prominent figure in Grete’s collection of correspondence.
From one former president of the American Psychoanalytic Association to another, Dr. Greenacre discussed the next International Psychoanalytic Congress to be held in London, 1953.
Dr. Bibring participated in many professional activities such as the panel for "The Personal Analysis of the Candidate in its Relationship to his Supervised Analytical Work." She pushed for stricter standards in all training analysis, a testament of…
Mary I. Bunting first approached Dr. Bibring to hold a seminar at Radcliffe College in 1965 shortly after her retirement. Each seminar that followed was a great success and the student wait list to enroll also grew.
Dr. Bibring’s lectures at Simmons College’s School of Social Work were highly regarded by the faculty and students. She emphasized the importance of implementing psychoanalytic standards in all aspects of social case work.
Dr. Bibring collaborated with Dr. Cobb while at Harvard Medical School and Dr. Zetzel on issues with child psychology.
Dr. Blumgart was the Physician-in-Chief at Beth Israel Hospital that requested Grete to develop and head the psychiatric department in the mid 1940s.
Dr. Bibring entered medical school in 1918 at the University of Vienna. Her interest in psychoanalysis deepened during these years and by graduation in 1924, she was already a member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society.
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