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Galton admires the composites of Saxon and Wend soldiers done by Bowditch. He says: “The composites are indeed beautiful and quite different in ‘type’ from both American and English. The Saxon & Wends being more alike to one…

Bowditch writes:

I write this to send by a waggon train that is going to Rappahannock Station tomorrow morning. They might just as well send us too if there was any one to take the responsibility of it but the comfort of 100 or so wounded men is…

After his older brother, Henry Pickering Bowditch, enlisted, Charles, then finishing his sophomore year at Harvard College, sought his father's permission to do the same. When his request was refused, Bowditch wrote, "The country must be aroused to…

Autograph presentation inscription "from E. A. Codman to Henry P. Bowditch" on verso
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