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The Journal of the National Medical Association, 1909. Source:




A sign used to designate a waiting room for people of color at a Greyhound Bus Terminal in Rome, Georgia. Taken by Esther Bubley, September 1943.

John Van Surly DeGrasse (1825-1868) was a doctor who established a medical practice in Boston in 1854. He joined the Massachusetts Medical Society on August 12, 1854 and became the first African-American to belong to a medical society in…

Lewis Hayden (December 2, 1811 - April 7, 1889) was a member of Boston's black community who had escaped slavery and arrived in Boston in 1846. Hayden, a noted abolitionist, ran a clothing store, and was elected to the Massachusetts House of…

Detecto Scale.jpg
Detecto Physician Scale with 350 lb. capacity used in the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's Longitudinal Study of Child Health and Development (1930-1987)

Hedley-Whyte Kit2.jpg
Dissection Kit owned and used E. Tessa Hedley-Whyte. Kit is a tied roll of canvas with inside pocket-inserts holding a variety of picks, scissors, and tweezers

Webster Crucible.jpg
Crucible, purportedly taken from the laboratory of Dr. John W. Webster, North Grove Street, Boston, scene of the Parkman-Webster murder
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