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Detecto Scale.jpg
Detecto Physician Scale with 350 lb. capacity used in the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's Longitudinal Study of Child Health and Development (1930-1987)

Hedley-Whyte Kit2.jpg
Dissection Kit owned and used E. Tessa Hedley-Whyte. Kit is a tied roll of canvas with inside pocket-inserts holding a variety of picks, scissors, and tweezers

Webster Crucible.jpg
Crucible, purportedly taken from the laboratory of Dr. John W. Webster, North Grove Street, Boston, scene of the Parkman-Webster murder

Charon_R_11-18-2016 FINAL.pdf

Latin Name:Pulvis IpecacuanhaCommon Name:Powder of the root of ipecacuanhaClassification:Emetic, diaphoretic, and expectorantIsolated Drug/s:EmetineMedicinal Usage:Mild.Ipecacuanha is used as a safe and dependable emetic, and in smaller doses as a…

Angiogram of a 58 year old female with a right-sided Kugel's artery to the atrioventricular node artery. The patient had known coronary artery disease with 8 weeks of unstable angina, and a percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty of the right…

Latin Name:Myrtus PimentaCommon Name:Berries of pimento, or allspiceClassification:Cordial tonic, stomachic, and carminativeIsolated Drug/s: NoneMedicinal Usage:Myrtus Pimenta is used chiefly in julaps and draughts to flavour other medicines in…

Latin Name:Potassium Bichromate(this inscription is French)Common Name: Potassium bichromate, or red chromate of potashClassification: Caustic and alterativeIsolated Drug/s: NoneMedicinal Usage:An irritant caustic, poisonous in overdoses. In the…

Latin Name: Folia Sennae Common Name: Leaves of senna Classification: Cathartic and diuretic Isolated Drug/s: None Medicinal Usage: A prompt, efficient, and safe cathartic, being milder than other drastic purgatives. Folia Sennae is thus good…

Latin Name: SpermacetiCommon Name: Literally, "whale sperm"- oil or wax from the head of a sperm whaleClassification:Demulcent and emollientIsolated Drug/s:NoneMedicinal Usage:Used in many different kinds of lotions, as well as for the treatment of…
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