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Photograph of W. T. G. Morton.

At the request of William T. G. Morton, “to be preserved in perpetual remembrance of the thing,” sixteen physicians--John Collins Warren and Henry Jacob Bigelow among them--with knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the ether discovery and…

Description of the first public demonstration of a surgical operation employing sulphuric ether as an anesthetic, the Morton inhaler, and the imperfect. etherization.

Subscription list to raise funds for support of W. T. G. Morton and his family.

Describes Wells' unsuccessful attempt to demonstrate anesthesia using nitrous oxide at Harvard in December 1844.

Copy of a letter addressed to Morton, describing Peirson's successful surgical amputations employing ether anesthesia.

Photograph of E. A. Codman and staff members of the Halifax Y.M.C.A. Emergency Hospital in Nova Scotia.

This playlist contains the full audio of the oral history interview.