Christine Haycock

Christine Haycock, M.D., FACS.
2004 Alma Dea Morani Renaissance Award Recipient

Christine Haycock, M.D. FACS, a native of New Jersey, has distinguished herself in the field of Medicine since she became a RN in 1945 and a physician in 1952. She became a physician against all odds. Dr. Haycock excelled as a physician, teacher, and mentor to other women who seek to become physicians. She is best known for her influence on Sports Medicine for women, her work on the eradication of uterine cancer and her leadership in the establishment of the trauma center at University Hospital in Newark as well as her post as commander of two hospital units during her service in the Army Medical Corps.

Dr. Haycock, with her boundless energy and interests has reached beyond the field of medicine to the larger world around her. She was an outstanding athlete in her youth participating in the US fencing squad for the Olympics in the late 1940's and shined as a softball pitcher from 1939 to well in the 60's with several top teams. She also plays golf and tennis.

Few women have as diversified activities as Dr. Haycock. She retired from the armed forces as a Colonel in 1986 having earned two Commendation Medals and a Meritorious Service Medal. Christine Haycock was a co-founder and treasurer of the Association of Women Surgeons as well as President of the American Medical Women's Association. She was awarded a life membership in the American Cancer Society having served in many positions. Dr. Haycock has a distinguished career as a photographer, an avid ham radio operator, and has raised show dogs with her late husband, Sam Moskowitz, a noted science fiction writer.

Dr. Haycock is the perfect example of a woman physician who has excelled in her field and reached far beyond her field to influence the world she lives in. She is a true Renaissance Woman in the tradition of Alma Dea Morani for whom the award is named.

Biography from the Foundation for the History of Women in Medicine website, here.