Planned Parenthood

Alan Guttmacher in delivery room

Before becoming President of Planned Parenthood in 1962, Guttmacher was the first Director of Obstetrics at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

Storrs, Connecticut poster, 1967

As Planned Parenthood expanded its services to include fertility services and contraception for child spacing purposes, the organization remained close to its original purpose: to provide accessible birth control to individuals. Guttmacher often lectured to students on the importance of birth control usage.

Certificate from Blue Grass Airport, Lexington, K.Y., 1970

Guttmacher traveled to urban and rural destinations as Planned Parenthood President. He lectured on the importance of birth control, met with local family planning leaders, and appeared at Planned Parenthood affiliate offices.

Alan Guttmacher at Cincinnati Planned Parenthood Open House, 1964

Guttmacher frequently appeared at events hosted by local affiliates such as this open house in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1964.

Alan Guttmacher with priest

Guttmacher participated in panel discussions and open discourses with religious leaders regarding birth control usage and the legalization of abortion in the United States

Alan Guttmacher's Calendar, 1963

Guttmacher’s schedule included traveling to national and international conferences, lecturing to various audiences including local Planned Parenthood centers, and training medical professionals on the importance of birth control. His journals capture his hectic travel schedules with appearances in up to four cities per week.

Planned Parenthood-World Population, President’s Letter from Alan Guttmacher, 1966

Guttmacher strengthened the Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s connections with the International Planned Parenthood Federation by increasing his international activities as President. Guttmacher traveled to Cuba in 1966 to address the Cuban Medical Conference on new developments in birth control. This meeting hosted doctors and dentists from Cuba, European nations, and Canada and Mexico.

Alan Guttmacher, with wife Leonore, and an unidentified Fillipino colleague, 1969

Guttmacher heightened Planned Parenthood of America’s international profile by expanding the organization’s mission to include the prevention of global overpopulation and the encouragement of prenatal care for expectant mothers. Here, Guttmacher and his wife are greeted at a conference in the Philippines.

Alan Frank Guttmacher
Planned Parenthood