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John Mason Warren's personal commentary on the post-mortem developments in the Charles Lowell case.

In this correspondence Dr. Hawkes is looking for support from Dr. Warren in the courtroom. Fundamentally, however, Dr. Warren disagrees with the way in which he decided to proceed with setting Lowell's dislocation.

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Charles Lowell's personally written account of the entire trial Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes.

A letter to the editor written by Charles Lowell voicing the injustices of the outcome of his case.

Additional public commentary on the Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes case. The author criticizes Dr. Warren for believing the dislocation was in the ischiatic notch.

A letter to the editor criticizing the Review printed on November 12, 1825.

A copy of a review of the Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes case that was originally published in the Medical Intelligencer on August 16th and the 23rd of that year. A reader requested that it be printed in order so that he might use the local newspaper as…

A write-up in the local Maine newspaper about the Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes trial. It discusses the case, and nicely outlines all of the contradicting professional diagnoses.

An examination of the Lowell hip case by Dr. Jonathan Mason Warren, over 40 years after the trial took place. He looks at the disected hip bone - Charles Lowell died in 1858 - in an attempt to discover what really happened.

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An overall presentation of the facts and analyses confronted in the Lowell hip case.

John C. Warren's published account of the trial, Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes.

This letter is sent after Lowell visited Dr. Nathan Smith to get a second opinion on his hip's diagnosis. In it, Lowell explains that Dr. Smith disagrees with Warren, and believes that the bone is not (and has never been) dislocated.

Dr. Warren's written response to Charles Lowell's questions posed in the name of the Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes court case. Lowell sued his physicians over a dislocated hip bone, and Dr. Warren spoke on behalf of the defendents throughout the trial.

A handwritten list of questions written by Charles Lowell to be answered by Dr. John Collins Warren, Dr. James Mann, Dr. William Spooner, Dr. David Townsend, and Dr. Thomas Welsh for the sake of the case known as Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes. Lowell…

A set of questions intended for Charles Lowell to answer regarding the case Lowell vs. Faxon and Hawkes, in which he sued his physicians over a dislocated hip bone.
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