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Condolences to Sir Harry Verney, Sibella, and the wife, son, and daughters on the death of an unnamed man.
Nightingale relates Mr. Makins's medical advice for Mrs. Robertson's truss. She thanks Mr. Robertson for his letter, and says that Sir Harry likes it. She relates news that there is fighting in Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park, and praises the police.…
Concerning the distribution of the Sultan's gift to the nurses in the Crimean War, and a possible award for Mrs. Bridgeman.
Response to Sir Richmond's recommendation for a lady of 18 to enter the nursing school. Nightingale argues that she is too young, and explains the reasons why they wait to train nurses until they are older. Nevertheless, she makes an appointment to…
Nightingale sends 5 pounds to Mr. Morey for him to distribute among himself, Mr. Milson's bills, the Athletic Sports, a bell at the cemetary, and an American organ at East Claydon Church.
A night nurse has been assigned to Sir Edmund, lessening the strain of Mr. Morey and Lady Verney. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick go on vacation to Switzerland. Nightingale wishes to send a large book to Mr. Morey as a "sports prize."
Request to add the magazings for the Botolph Reading Room to her account. Nightingale has ordered reprints of Mr. Frederick's Introduction
Well wishes for Mr. Morey's daughter Edith, who is staying by the sea for the health of her "delicate chest", and suggestions for activities for her while she is there. News from Sir E. and Lady Verney.
Request to cash a cheque and post a letter for Nightingale.
Mr. Morey's daughter Edith's health improves, and Nightingale sends money and thanks to Mr. Morey for his assistance with Sir Edmund at the lectures.
Well wishes for the health of Mr. Morey's daughter Edith, and information that a party containing Harry Lloyd Verney is going to Cairo, and thanks that Mr. Morey wrote to Mr. Croft of Sir Harry's foot.
Updates on a patient who shows improvement, and a request to place a cross and wreath on Nightingale's sister's grave and to remind Sir Harry of the date.
New year's wishes, and a request for Mr. Morey to pay an account for her.
Nightingale writes to Mr. Morey, who is skating, requesting he send a package containing 70 copies to Poona in India via Brindisi.
Updates on Sir Harry's health, which has been worse at night.
Updates on Sir Harry's health.
Update on Sir Harry's health after his return from London, and question as to whether Sir Harry ought to see Dr. Benson.
Thanks for prescriptions, and request to post letters in London.
Request for grapes for Sir Harry.
Request for Mr. Morey to place a cross and wreath on Nightingale's sister's grave.
Information on Nightingale's travels and a request for changing money.
Christmas wishes to Mr. Morey, and discussion of expenses and purchases for Sir Harry.
Nightingale gives her opinions on the proper length of mourning expressed by the house servants and Sir Harry, and gives news of Mrs. And Captain Verney.
Offer to pay for Philip Tomas's travel expenses.
Letter conferring with Mr. Morey on the matter of Sir Harry and Mr. Croft.
Thanks for wreaths in rememberance of Nightingale's sister, and Mr. Croft's surgical opinion on Sir Harry's health.
Request for Dr. Benson's opinion on Sir Harry's foot.
Nightingale pays a debt of Lady Verney's to Miss Farrer, as well as thanks for newspapers and updates on Sir Harry.
Updates on the health of Sir Harry, and thanks for sending along thirty newspapers for the St. Thomas nurses which contained a memoriam.
Updates on Lady Verney's night nurse, gifts sent to Nightingale, and the activities of Sir Harry.
Request for information on Lady Verny's health and if her night nurse arrived.
Discussion of Sir Harry's health. Nightingale sends some drinks for Sir Harry, and inquires after how his temperature was taken.
Arrangements on when to feed Sir Harry after a parade.
Mr. Morey goes on vacation, and a brief discussion of Sir Harry's health.
Nightingale expresses hope that Sir Harry may be improving, and suggests some diet changes to help.
Letter detailing treatment of Sir Harry by changing his shirt once or twice a day, if possible, and requesting notice if his temperature rises.
Letter discussing Sir Andrew Clark's visit and including specific instructions for washing the mouth and tongue of Sir Harry.
Letter working out travel details from Claydon to Euston by train.
Discussion of the sofa preferences of Nightingale and Lady Verney.
Nightingale sends money to Mr. Morey, and consults on the recovering Sir Harry, saying that she always puts out food for him when he visits her at Claydon.
Nightingale consults with Mr. Morey about having Mr. Croft stay with Sir Harry at Mr. Culvert's, where he is staying.
Nightingale responds to some medical suggestions from Mr. Morey as treatment for Sir Harry.
Letter regarding the illness of Sir Harry, and his meeting with Captain Verney.
Letter regarding Sir Harry falling ill and sending for Dr. Benson.
Letter detailing the schedule of Sir Harry, including dinner, luncheon, and a small reception in Nightingale's room.
Letter including pleasantries to Mrs. Morey and her children upon Mr. Morey's departure.
Letter to the editor of the Illustrated London News, regarding edits to Nightingale's proof for publication.
Letter including pleasantries with Miss Gibson, who is now in charge of her organization.
Nightingale seeks help in finding a house in Hapstead for herself and her mother, both of whom are ill.
Acknowledgement of reports sent to Nightingale, and an attempt to make an appointment to meet in person.
Acknowledgement and thanks for a cheque for subscription to the "F[?]dnen Fund".
Letter to Mrs. Samsom regarding Mrs. Samsom and Mrs. Davis leaving Scutari for health reasons. Nightingale has bought passage for them on a boat to England, the "Cleopatra", and arranges for her payment.
Private letter concerning the reprinting Nightingale's "Stastitical" and "Social Science" papers for a book.
Compliments to a printer or publisher of Nightingale's writing, and an order for one hundred copies of the finished work.
Attempt to schedule an appointment with a man of "multifarious occupations" outside of London.
Acknowledgement of a previous letter, and request for a copy of her revised article from the printer.
An order for Christmas and New Years cards.
A recommendation for surgical nurse Mrs. Lagan, who served with Nightingale in Crimea.

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