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Artist Wilma Siegel describes the subject: "A recipient of the Alma Dea Morani Renaissance Woman in Medicine award and the President of the United States Award for Science the highest prestigious award in the United States. She was the first woman to…

Typescript of talk on teaching with handwritten annotations.

Notation on the verso reads: "MEA near 1980. Florence said - take picture now - Implication: appearances will not improve! She is right. This is my formal portrait - to hang with my predecessors in my office, for better or worse, so be it."

Vials of Surfactant TA (Tokyo Akita), a modified sheep lung surfactant, brought back from Tetsuro Fujiwara's lab at Akita University School of Medicine, Japan, by Mary Ellen Avery. Building off of Avery's 1959 discovery that the cause of Respiratory…

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