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Reproductions of daguerreotypes of early operations employing ether anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital.

First announcement of the surgical operation using ether anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Conclusions of a committee inquiring into the claims of W. T. G. Morton and Charles T. Jackson over the credit for the discovery of ether anesthesia.

Article from the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal describing first surgical operations using ether anesthesia.

List of patients who have inhaled ether or chloroform for surgical operations in the Massachusetts General Hospital up to April 1, 1848, furnished by H. J. Bigelow, M.D.

Invitation to the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the first public demonstration of surgical anesthesia, signed by William Sturgis Bigelow and J. Collins Warren.

In 1933, the Mallinckrodt Chemical Company produced a short silent file, “The Advent of Anesthesia”, depicting the experiments of W. T. G. Morton with ether anesthesia and recreating the first public demonstration of the operation on Gilbert Abbott…

Description of the first public demonstration of a surgical operation employing sulphuric ether as an anesthetic, the Morton inhaler, and the imperfect. etherization.
From large wooden slide box with "Pictures of Camiers / 1914-1915" written on lid, and with a slip of paper reading "Camiers / World War I / also / Ste Croix." Box contains images of Camiers, as well as assorted images from a family vacation to…

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