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This unusual album of carte-de-visite photographs was assembled by Dr. Samuel Gregg, the first homeopathic practitioner in Massachusetts. In addition to photographs of Gregg, the album contains portraits of many of the homeopaths of New England,…
Dr. James Krauss (1866-1939) received his medical degree magna cum laude in 1889 and practiced in Boston, specializing in genito-urinary medicine and surgery
Following the 1850 report regarding Isaac Colby's petition to resign his membership in the Massachusetts Medical Society, the Massachusetts Homeopathic Medical Society issued this broadside reprinting the report along with its response.
Following the reorganization of the Medical Fraternity as the Medical Society, the members used this volume to record changes in the by-laws. New members added their signatures upon admission to the society through 1881.
On April 15, 1964, at the 124th annual meeting, the members of the Massachusetts Homeopathic Medical Society voted 10-5 to dissolve their organization.
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