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Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. geb. d. 10 April, 1755. A portrait of Samuel Hahnemann, the author of Organon der rationellen Heilkunde, a fundamental text for the homeopathic movement.
After a course of cupping, blistering, and taking the waters at the German spa of Wiesbaden, the unnamed subject of this diary sought relief from his rheumatism by coming under the care of Samuel Hahnemann in Paris in 1838.

This fragment of a manuscript letter of Samuel Hahnemann concerns the homeopathic prevention and treatment of cholera using powder of copper.
The fifth edition of Hahnemann's Organon was translated into English by Conrad Wesselhoeft of Boston. It is clear from his introduction, however, that while still critical of allopathic practice, Wesselhoeft was not a homeopathic fundamentalist:…
The Organon is Samuel Hahnemann's statement of the theory behind homeopathy and a fundamental text of the new movement. It went through five different editions during Hahnemann's lifetime and was widely translated; new editions and translations…
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