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Photograph of Sir William Osler in his library at 13 Norham Gardens, Oxford, standing at fireplace before portraits of Thomas Linacre, William Harvey, and Thomas Sydenham.

Mounted photograph of Sir William Osler, inscribed to Henry Rouse Viets, January 26, 1917.
Drawn from the fifth and sixth English editions, this translation of Osler’s textbook by medical missionary Dr. Philip B. Cousland (1861-1930) is the first issue of the first Chinese edition; copies of a second (1921) and third (1925) edition…
Although invited to the dedication, physician Sir William Osler—who had just been named Oxford's Regius Professor of Medicine—could not attend, but did telegraph his congratulations.
In the first edition of his monumental textbook, Sir William Osler advocates the use of acupuncture for sciatica and, as here, lumbago "in acute cases, the most efficient treatment…. I can corroborate fully the statements of [Sydney] Ringer,…
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