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Dr. T. Timson, a Fellow of the British Phrenological Society, had a flourishing practice in Leicester in the 1930s. This is his fee schedule for head readings.

Phrenological study and speculation was still current in the 1920s. This manuscript volume of an unpublished work is peppered with photographs and engravings of celebrities and notables, from traditional phrenological studies of Napoleon and Abraham…

The British Phrenological Society collection includes a number of head measurements and readings from the early years of the 20th century. The recording phrenologist was probably James Webb of Layton, in Essex.

Lorenzo Niles Fowler compiled this notebook of phrenological readings of individuals encountered during his travels through upstate New York, western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky in 1834 and 1835. There are a number of examinations of…

This English satiric print illustrates some of the absurdities associated with phrenology, as the traits and marked skulls of dogs, birds, and horses are treated on a par with humans. The phrenologist "Doctor S." may be intended to represent Johann…
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