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Reproductions of daguerreotypes of early operations employing ether anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Photograph of E. A. Codman and staff members of the Halifax Y.M.C.A. Emergency Hospital in Nova Scotia.

Photograph of the skeleton of the Warren mastodon, a portion of the zeuglodon, and other fossils in the Warren Museum of Natural History
Dr. Warren [left] was chairman of the Entertainment Committee for the AMA meeting. The woman at his side may be Mrs. Roger Wolcott who organized the afternoon teas at the Medical School.
The use of admission tickets for each course of a medical student’s education was common until the late 19th century. Students paid the lecturer or professor directly and were then issued these passes for an academic session. This particular…
This print originally appeared on the cover of the June 13, 1883, edition of Puck, a humor magazine, and emphasizes
This rare photograph depicts physicians (standing, left to right) Charles Eliot Ware, Robert William Hooper, Le Baron Russell, Samuel Parkman, (seated, left to right) George Amory Bethune, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Samuel Cabot, Jonathan Mason Warren,…
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