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Persons depicted: President Eliot (standing), to his right: Gov. Curtis Guild, Jr., Baron Rosen, the Russian Ambassador, J.P. Morgan, and Charles H. Tweed, representing Mrs. Collis
Dr. Warren [left] was chairman of the Entertainment Committee for the AMA meeting. The woman at his side may be Mrs. Roger Wolcott who organized the afternoon teas at the Medical School.
Although Thomas Francis Harrington published a three-volume history of the Medical School in 1905, the dedication of the new buildings prompted the appearance of this shorter commemorative work, with a history of the individual departments and a…
The Aesculapiad, the yearbook for Harvard Medical School, first appeared in 1924, but it had this unique precursor in 1906, in conjunction with the opening of the new buildings. The yearbook contains photographs of the faculty and the 68 graduating…

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