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Photograph of eagle skeleton [WAM 00151] prepared by and donated by Oliver Wendell Holmes to the Warren Anatomical Museum in 1851. Eagle skeleton is being photographed on the Harvard Medical School quad by artists from the Art Institute of Boston in…

Articulated skeleton of a snapping turtle mounted on black painted wooden base

The articulated skeleton of an adult eagle mounted onto a base.

Post-mortem set of fifteen instruments.

Twenty-nine dental preparations in glass dome on wooden base. Teeth mounted on two gold arches.

The subject was a German machinist, age thirty-seven. Born in 1815. The patient believed the hand was an advantage at playing the piano. He died of chronic diarrhea at Massachusetts General Hospital in March 1852. The limb was removed and…

A hollow plaster cast of a man's head and neck. Cast has section lines, possible phrenological, sculpted onto head. Mounted on base.

Hollow plaster case of head, neck, and upper portion of thorax of 10 year old boy with tumor on left side, painted white

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