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In 1937, the men and women of the Harvard Surgical Unit formed the Harvard Unit, B.E.F. Association "to keep alive friendships fostered during the years in France and to have a committee through whom information may be obtained." At the first…

At the conclusion of service with the British army in France, the personnel of the Harvard Unit were given this printed communication, extending the thanks of Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig as well as the commendation of Hugh Cabot:

The months…

Photograph of the Medical Personnel of the Third Harvard Surgical Unit, May 1916.

Standing (l-r):
Edward Saunders Dillon
Dennis Rider Wood Crile
Edward Harding
Paul Gustafson
Henry Rouse Viets
Charles William Peabody
George Byron Packard,…

Mary Blanche Wallace (1892-1979) of Woburn served as a nurse with the third Harvard Surgical Unit, working at General Hospital No. 22 from June 11, 1916, to June 9, 1917. She then returned to France in April 1918 as a member of the American Red…
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