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Enamel pin presented by the Harvard Corporation to Marguerite Condon, commemorating her nursing service at No. 22 General Hospital with the Harvard Surgical Unit.

Newsclipping from the Boston Herald, September 29, 1918.

Photograph of the final inspection of the Harvard Unit at Fort Totten, N.Y.

Concerning Base Hospital No. 5 was, according to its editors, originally conceived "on the same idea of a college year book, to contain personal write-ups of every member of the unit…. Steps were immediately taken to get together pen sketches of…

Harvey Cushing published this historical account of Base Hospital No. 5 soon after the war's end, as it was "one of the Units of the American Expeditionary Force to be sent overseas; it was the first to suffer casualties at the hands of the enemy;…

Private Oscar C. Tugo enlisted on May 7, 1917; he was killed as a night orderly during the air raid on Base Hospital No. 5 on September 4, along with Lieutenant William Fitzsimons, Privates Rudolph Rubino, Jr., and Leslie G. Woods. On October 18,…

A monthly newsletter from the personnel of Base Hospital No. 5--the first publication from the American Expeditionary Forces--began to appear in November 1917. The issue displayed commemorates a year's anniversary since the departure for France and…

Photograph of Oscar C. Tugo in uniform.
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