Interviewer Tacey A. Rosolowski

Project Interviewer:   Tacey A. Rosolowski, PhD

The Foundation for the History of Women in Medicine hired Tacey A. Rosolowski, Ph.D. in 2008 to develop interview questions to capture the unique experiences of innovative women in medicine.  That same year she began to interview winners of the Foundation’s Alma Dea Morani Renaissance Woman in Medicine Award. Since then, she has continued to work with the Foundation to record these powerful stories.

Dr. Rosolowski is the owner of HistoryCapture, an oral history project consulting practice specializing in innovative uses for oral history interviews.  She has been interviewing high-performance individuals for almost twenty years, developing projects from the ground up: from idea, to mission development, through implementation and interviewing. Her interview subjects include a former secretary of state, a Nobel prize winner, winners of the Lasker prize, biomedical researchers, physician-scientists, and clinicians as well as CEOs, CFOs, philanthropists, artists and gallery owners.