Dr. Kazanjian at his graduation from Harvard Dental School

Dr. Varaztad H. Kazanjian at his graduation from the Harvard Dental School, 1905

Dr. Kazanjian was born in Turkish Armenia on March 18, 1879. To escape the civil strife of his homeland, he came to the United States in October 1895. He settled in Worcester, Massachusetts, and began working in a wire mill. It was at the mill that Dr. Kazanjian first displayed the natural dexterity that would serve him so well in the field of plastic surgery.

At the suggestion of a co-worker, Dr Kazanjian decided to pursue a career in dentistry. To further his education and prepare for dental school, he spent his nights taking classes and learning English while he worked in the wire mill during the day. His diligence was rewarded and he entered the Harvard Dental School in 1902.

Dr. Kazanjian Teaching

Dr. Varaztad H. Kazanjian teaching, circa 1940's

In 1905, Dr Kazanjian accepted a position as an Assistant in Prosthetic Dentistry at the Harvard Dental School and began a teaching association that continued for the rest of his career. He later became head of that department in 1912.

Dr. Kazanjian Operating

Dr. Varaztad H. Kazanjian operating, circa 1940's

Other faculty positions held by Kazanjian include Professor of Military Surgery, 1918 - 1922; Professor of Clinical Oral Surgery, 1922 - 1941; Professor of Plastic Surgery, 1941 - 1947; and Professor of Plastic Surgery, Emeritus 1947 - 1974.

The Surgical Treatment of Facial Injuries

Diagram from Dr. Varaztad H. Kazanjian's textbook The Surgical Treatment of Facial Injuries

Among Dr. Kazanjians important contributions to the literature of plastic surgery is the textbook, The Surgical Treatment of Facial Injuries. Co-authored with Dr. John M. Converse, this textbook is considered a classic work in the field. This diagram is an example from the textbook.