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Photograph of bearers removing patient from ambulance at American Ambulance Hospital.

The postcards, part of a series, may have been used as part of a fund-raising effort for the hospital; the originals along with the passport are preserved in a scrapbook kept by Lyman G. Barton, along with a collection of photographs from his service…

This passport was issued by the State Department for Lyman Guy Barton (1887-1968), a member of the surgical staff of the Harvard Unit at the American Ambulance Hospital.

Over 2000 detailed records of patients treated by the Harvard Unit at Neuilly have been preserved along with photographs and X-rays. Patient 2146 had a perforating shrapnel wound of the upper right arm followed by gas gangrene--the first such…

In the spring of 1915, Geraldine K. Martin, a 1912 graduate of the Johns Hopkins Training School for Nurses, traveled to France as a member of the Harvard Unit of the American Ambulance Hospital; she later assembled an album of over 250 photographs…

Harvard's first involvement in World War I was staffing the American Ambulance Hospital in Neuilly during the spring of 1915; it was the second unit dispatched from the United States to the hospital. The Harvard Unit had a surgical staff, under…

In the summer of 1915, Geraldine Kemmis Martin (b. 1887) traveled to Paris as an operating nurse with the Harvard Unit of the American Ambulance Hospital and assembled an album of photographs of her colleagues and experiences in World War I. The…
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