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Photograph of the exterior of the Oral Surgery Department at No. 20 General Hospital.

Photograph of the departure of the Harvard Surgical Unit from No. 22 General Hospital, January 1, 1919, from the album of Helen F. Kimmens.

Photograph of the interior of a surgical ward at No. 22 General Hospital, from the album of Helen F. Kimmens.

Photograph of admission of convoy of wounded soldiers to General Hospital No. 22 from album of Helen F. Kimmens.

Photograph of operating theatre at General Hospital No. 22 from album of Helen F. Kimmens.

The postcards, part of a series, may have been used as part of a fund-raising effort for the hospital; the originals along with the passport are preserved in a scrapbook kept by Lyman G. Barton, along with a collection of photographs from his service…

This passport was issued by the State Department for Lyman Guy Barton (1887-1968), a member of the surgical staff of the Harvard Unit at the American Ambulance Hospital.

Concerning Base Hospital No. 5 was, according to its editors, originally conceived "on the same idea of a college year book, to contain personal write-ups of every member of the unit…. Steps were immediately taken to get together pen sketches of…

Harvey Cushing published this historical account of Base Hospital No. 5 soon after the war's end, as it was "one of the Units of the American Expeditionary Force to be sent overseas; it was the first to suffer casualties at the hands of the enemy;…

Over 2000 detailed records of patients treated by the Harvard Unit at Neuilly have been preserved along with photographs and X-rays. Patient 2146 had a perforating shrapnel wound of the upper right arm followed by gas gangrene--the first such…
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