Organization of the Harvard Service


U.S. Department of State 
Passport for Lyman G. Barton, March 6, 1915

Gift of Lyman G. Barton to the Library of Harvard Medical School, 1982

This passport was issued by the State Department to Lyman Guy Barton on the surgical staff of the Harvard University Service at the American Ambulance Hospital.




The Harvard University Service was quickly organized by Harvey Cushing (1869-1939), as Chief of Staff, who would provide neurological services, and Robert B. Greenough (1871-1937), the executive officer who was in charge of general surgical services.  Instruments and supplies were organized through Massachusetts General, the Peter Bent Brigham, and the Infants' hospitals.  The unit consisted of a surgical staff of ten, including two recent graduates of the Medical School—Elliott Carr Cutler (1888-1947) and Lyman G. Barton (1887-1968)—a medical staff of three, initially under Richard P. Strong (1872-1948), and four nurses—"the most able ones obtainable," including Geraldine Kemmis Martin (1887-1937).  

The Harvard Service sailed for Europe on the S. S. Canopic on March 17, 1915, and began to provide staffing at the American Ambulance Hospital from its arrival on April 2.





The American Ambulance Hospital in Paris
Organization of the Harvard Service